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Pantheon Launches WordPress Support

Interesting move into WordPress by Pantheon – moving the popular web and CMS platform onto a container-based architecture:pantheon


Pantheon is one of the most popular website platforms for Drupal, but today, it’s also expanding into hosting WordPress installs.

The service aims to abstract all of the complexities of hosting away so that developers and designers can focus on what they do best and those who just want to use WordPress as a CMS can focus on content. At the same time, though, it also gives developers full access to their code and features like Git support, while designers can continue work on their templates just like before and then upload to the site.

Unlike other hosting companies, Pantheon made an early bet on a container-based architecture that allows it to quickly scale. The company argues that this allows it to scale servers up and down faster and with over 100,000 Drupal installs on its system, it also allows the company to run its infrastructure without having to spin…

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Worthy freakin’ adversaries

The men in the black pajamas, Dude.  Worthy freakin' adversaries.
Worthy freakin’ adversaries.

Worthy adversaries, indeed. Hacking WordPress, 160K blogs at a time, for DDoS attacks.  See, Donny – this is why setting your admin password to “password”, “bowling”, or “12345” is not a good thing.

Original Ars Technica link here.