Google Barge Sold For Scrap

A drop in the bucket for them, apparently…


Remember the mystery Google barges? Portland’s barge is no more, it seems.

Toward the end of last year, the tech world was abuzz with curiosity about why Google had anchored barges in Portland, Maine and San Francisco. Floating data centers? Secret projects?

The search giant finally clued us in: the company was planning to use the barges as interactive spaces to teach people about Google technology.

But now, according to a report from the Portland Press Herald, the Google barge sitting in Portland’s Harbor has been sold. It will be disassembled and scrapped, after being bought by an international barging company of some sort.

The barge had previously carried 63 shipping containers arranged to form a four-story building where Google was planning to host a technology exhibit. The report also notes that a company called Cianbro Corp. had been scheduled to do interior work on the barge, which was to…

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