A thought for Friday


One good reason to need the eggs: Shakshuka. (photo: Tori Avey)
One good reason to need the eggs: Shakshuka. (photo: Tori Avey/theshiksa.com)

For some reason, an old (or what we now label as either “well-aged”,  “classic”, or “artisan”) story comes to mind this morning:

Mrs. Nussbaum goes to a psychiatrist and says, “Doctor, you should know – my husband’s gone totally meshugge (crazy); he woke up one morning last year and decided he’s a chicken.”

The doctor strokes his goatee and says, “Hmmm…. since last year, you say?  Mrs. Nussbaum – why did you wait so long to tell anyone about this?”

Mrs. Nussbaum replies, “Truth is, I wanted to tell you – right away, in fact. Only problem was, we really needed the eggs.”

More now than ever, it seems like many people find themselves wasting so much time on dealing with issues and things that are absurd, irrational, or just down-right meshugge.  (Think “Catch-22” level absurdity and you’re on the right track.)

It’s all the more frustrating, when all they’re trying to do are the right things for their clients, colleagues, family, and/or themselves.

And yet… they all still come back, day after day, just like most everyone else does around the globe.  Why do they do it?  My guess is that sometimes, you really have no choice when you find yourself needing those eggs.

Now it’s your turn to respond in the comments:  Looking to see who’s up to sharing their own “egg” story (i.e.; what crazy situations do you put up with, because you don’t have any other choice?)

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