Communication Charts for Different Cultures

communication-style-snipInteresting visualization on how communication styles differ by nationality.  Drawn up by Richard Lewis – no, not that Richard Lewis – this one is a Berlitz veteran who is known as an expert in cross-cultural communication.

That said, I’d love to see how the other Richard Lewis would visualize a communication chart for Larry David.

Personal experience seems to validate several of his observations, but I can’t lay claim to having worked with colleagues from all of these nationalities.  I can say that the Israeli model is pretty accurate (“rationality mixed with some emotion” sounds just about right to me) but I think that some of the others would also apply as well.


The original B.A.M.F.

As an aside: I’ve never had any extensive dealings with Finns in a business context – but what little I know about their culture and history would seem to support Lewis’ direct and to-the-point observations. Not to mention, Right to the point. brings to mind this famous Finnish hero.

Original blog link:  Communication Charts Help You Negotiate In Different Cultures – PSFK.

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