Wired: The speakers in session 6 of TED2014

Some interesting speakers on the agenda – especially Avi Reichental on home-based applications for 3D technology (he’ll be speaking on Friday)

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Technology is always a big theme at TED (it’s the “T,” after all), and in this session we draw back the curtain to take a closer look at what’s really going on within some of the world’s most influential companies. But this isn’t just about the current headline-grabbers. Speakers will also share thoughts and demos of cutting-edge design to show how technology is pushing back the boundaries of the expected.

Here are the speakers who will appear in this session:

Margaret Gould Stewart has worked at many of the technology world’s most influential companies, including Google, YouTube and, now, Facebook. She’ll talk about the often unsung, unnoticed influence of design on a user’s experience.

Del Harvey works at Twitter. As the company’s security maven, she focuses on the seedier side of all those tweets — and how to protect users without nannying them.

Charlie Rose has interviewed the great, the good…

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