Flypay Raises £1M To Make Settling Your Restaurant Bill “Waiter-Free”

Great idea – no more need to be tied to your table by a busy server trying to cash out during lunch-hour rush. Especially like the option that allows a group of diners to divvy up the check.


Never mind poor service or the food itself, the experience of actually paying the bill at the end of a meal is often cited as the biggest pain-point for restaurant goes. Or so says Flypay, a new UK startup whose app wants to make settling the bill “waiter-free” and a lot speedier in the process.

Co-inciding with its official launch today, the company is announcing that it’s raised £1 million in new funding from mobile payment specialists Entreé Capital, adding to a £150,000 seed round from unnamed industry folk raised six months earlier. The new capital will be used to scale its technology, picking up new restaurant partners along the way, and to further develop its product line.

So, how does the Flypay iOS and Android app work? Aiming to get the time it takes to ask for and settle a restaurant bill down from an average of ten…

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